We Repair & Replace All Auto Glass

Below are all the known-to-date auto glass types that we work with.

Front & Back Windshield

Found on all vehicles. Sometimes referred to as front glass & back glass.

Front Door/Window Glass

Located next to the driver and next to the front passenger. These glasses are often damaged because of vandalism or break-in.

Rear Door/Window Glass

Located on the rear door panels on both sides of the vehicle. These glasses also often damaged because of vandalism or break-in.

Front & Rear Vent Glass

These glasses sometimes called vent windows. They are found on older car models for ventilation purposes.

Rear Quarter Glass

This type of glass is used to help you have a better view of the surrounding area. They can be stationary or retractable.

Sunroof or Moonroof

These glasses located on the roof of the vehicle. They bring fresh air and natural light into the interior space.

Windshield Repair
Windshield Replacement

Have a cracked, chipped or broken windshield?
We fix all types of front windshield and back/rear windshield for car, truck, van or commercial vehicle. You can rely on windshield services.

Harsh driving conditions & bad weather can damage your windshield with anything from hail, rocks, and debris. Our certified technicians can help get you back on the road safely and quickly.

Auto Door Glass Repair
Auto Window Glass Replacement

Need repair/replace a broken auto window glass?
We fix all types of window glass for car, truck, van or commercial vehicle. You can rely on auto window glass service.

Driving conditions, accident & bad weather can damage your vehicle window glass with anything from hail, rocks, and debris. Our certified technicians can help get your window fixed up and get you back on the road safely and quickly.

Vent Glass Repair
Vent Glass Replacement

Have a cracked, chipped or broken vent glass?
We fix all types of vent glass for car, truck, van or commercial vehicle. You can rely on auto vent glass service.

Driving conditions, accident & bad weather can damage your vehicle vent glass with anything from hail, rocks, and debris. Our certified technicians can help get your vent glass fixed up and get you back on the road safely and quickly.

Rear Quarter Glass Repair
Rear Quarter Glass Replacement

Need to repair/replace a broken rear quarter glass?
We fix all types of rear quarter glass for car, truck, van or commercial vehicle. You can rely on auto quarter glass service.

Driving conditions, accident & bad weather can damage your vehicle vent glass with anything from hail, rocks, and debris. Our certified technicians can help get your vent glass fixed up and get you back on the road safely and quickly.

Sunroof & Moonroof Repair
Sunroof & Moonroof Replacement

Is your sunroof broken or exploded?
We fix all types of sunroof & moonroof glass for car, truck, van or commercial vehicle. You can rely on quality trusted service.

Driving conditions, accident & bad weather can damage your vehicle sunroof or moonroof glass with anything from hail, rocks, and debris. Our certified technicians can help get your glass fixed up and get you back on the road safely and quickly.

Emergency Auto Glass Service
Mobile Auto Glass Service

Are you a victim of vandalism to your vehicle? Or your car glass is broken and you are stopping on the side of the road?
RS Emergency Mobile Repair & Replacement will quickly come to you and fix all types of auto glass & windshield glass for your car, truck, van, or commercial vehicle. You can rely on our quality, trusted emergency service.

About RS Auto Glass of Oakville

We are a proudly Canadian independent family business owned and operated. We are servicing vehicle owners throughout Oakville city and the surrounding suburbs.

  • Family Operated Since 1993
  • High Quality OEM Glass
  • Certified Technicians
  • Competitive Prices Guarantee
  • Same Day Service & Repair
  • Come to Your Home/Workplace

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service and quality workmanship.

At RS Auto Glass of Oakville, we are a local family independently owned & operated since 1993. We repair, replace and install glasses of cars, trucks, vans, commercial, and recreational vehicles. Your safety on the road has always been our business. We invested in industry training and quality OEM auto glass to make sure that you get the best possible service. With us, your 100% guaranteed satisfaction is our number 1 goal before you drive away.

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It May Not Cost You Anything

Depending on your auto insurance policy coverage, your auto glass & windshield damage may be covered. We can help with your insurance repair or replacement claim.

We Will Come To You

For your convenience, our Mobile Auto Glass Service will come to your home, office or any location of your car in approx. 30 mins if you are in the city of Oakville.

In-Shop Auto Glass Service

If you prefer to have your car service in the shop, make sure to book an appointment with us first by phone (905) 582-6238 or fill out one of our contact forms or Quote form.

24 Hr Emergency Auto Glass Service

No one can predict when an emergency situation with their car glass occur, at RS Auto Glass of Oakville, we’re here to provide you with a 24 hours a day 7 day a week service. Call us now!

Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Photos

Most Asked Auto Glass Questions
from our past customers

1.Repair or replace my windshield?
We recommend that any windshield damage get fixed as soon as you can. If the dings, chips, or cracks damage isn’t obstructing the driver’s vision and smaller than the size of a quarter coin, then repair is usually possible. This could save you or your car insurance company the right amount of money. For yours and the passenger’s safety, any more significant damage on the windshield should be replaced.

2.What is an OEM auto glass?
OEM is the abbreviation of the Original Equipment Manufacturer. These glasses met the manufacturer specifications for safety and quality. Why should you use the OEM glass? Because OEM glass will provide the proper fitting for your car. This prevents any leakage of water or air coming in. Especially in case of an accident, the glass will do its safety job to protect you and your loved one. Please refer back to question #2 above for the safety function of the auto glass. Your auto insurance policy will pay for the OEM glass replacement, so ask us about this.

3.How long do you need to replace my car glass?
This depends on the type of auto glass and your car make/model. Windshield takes the longest to replace, as it is the largest glass in the car. Some car model has extra features that come with the windshield such as rain sensor which is more complex to replace, hence it will take more time. Typically, we will get the replacement work done for around 1 hour. Be aware of any technician who claims that they can get it done in 30 mins or so. Cutting corners while installing your car glass will result in the glass not properly replaced, and it is unsafe for you to drive.

4.Who do I choose to work on my glass?
Here are things that you want to look out for but not limited to:

  • A long-standing local mobile auto glass service that has good reviews on Google.
  • They use OEM glass if your insurance policy covered it, or you have the budget for it.
  • They take the right amount of time to work on your car glass. Not too quick, not too long.
  • They are trained and certified.
  • They clean up your car before giving it back to you.
  • They provide a warranty on their work.

5.Do you offer a warranty on your service?
Yes, we do. The glass itself will typically come with the manufacturer’s warranty, and we offer a lifetime warranty on our workmanship. If you have any problem with the work that we did, come back to the shop, and we’ll take care of it for you at no charge.

6.Can I wash my car right after leaving your shop?
It is best to wait out for 24 hours due to the fact that the seal and the outer molding need time to set in properly. The high-pressure washing might damage them and create water leakage on your glass.

7.Why does your cost to replace my windshield is much less than other mobile auto glass serivce?
We are a family-owned auto glass shop. We don’t have to pay franchising fees, lots of brand marketing, and unnecessary management and employee salaries; hence our cost is much lower than the big brand shop. We have been fixing and replacing auto glass since 1993, and we like how things are running at our shop, and we won’t be changing it anytime soon.

8.Do my auto insurance goes up if I used the deductible to replaced my windshield?
The answer is no. The auto insurance rate doesn’t factor in an auto glass replacement claim as far as we know. It should not count as an accidental claim. There are many different insurance companies out there, so to be sure, give your insurance company a quick call to confirm.

9.Do I have to go with the shop that my insurance company recommended?
According to Consumers Council of Canada, the consumer has “The right to choose products and services at competitive prices with an assurance of satisfactory quality.” in this case, the right to choose which shop to repairs your car glass. Some insurance companies have a preferred list of auto glass shops that they would like you to use, but that is entirely up to you.

RS Auto Glass of Oakville
Adress: 595 Speers Rd, Oakville, ON L6K 2G4
Phone: (905) 582-6238

Oakville is a port city in the Canada Province of Ontario. Oakville’s population is 536,917. Its census metro area has a population total of 767,000. It is located 58 km (36 mi) southwest Toronto, in the Greater Toronto and Oakville Area (GTHA). It was an area that was inhabited before European settlement. Oakville was founded in 1812 by George Oakville, who purchased the Durand farm. It became the center of the Golden Horseshoe, a densely populated, industrialized region west of Lake Ontario. It is placed at the extreme west end of Lake Ontario on the southern shores of landlocked Oakville Harbour, Burlington Bay. In 1669, the French explorer Rene-Robert Cavelier visited the site, Sieur de La Salle. The arrival of loyalists who fled the rebellious 13 American colonies in 1778 marked the beginning of the settlement. Oakville was named after George Oakville, who in 1815 laid out the city on a flat plain between the waterfront and the Niagara Escarpment. The rebellious 13 American colonies. In 1778, Oakville became an important port and rail hub. Oakville was able to absorb several communities which had been part of the Oakville-Wentworth regional municipality since 1974. This significantly increased the area of the city and its population.

The steel and heavy manufacturing industries have dominated the local economy for centuries. In the past decade, the focus has shifted to the service sector, such as health and sciences. The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum belongs to Oakville city. It also hosts the Bruce Trail, McMaster University College, McMaster University College, Redeemer University College, and Mohawk College. McMaster University is ranked 4th and 69th worldwide by Times Higher Education Rankings 2021

As one of the most important industrial centers, Oakville’s steel industry has grown to be Canada’s most extensive, accounting for a large portion of Canada’s national steel production. Other initiatives include the manufacturing of railway equipment, clothing, and appliances, as well as wire, wire, nails, candy, and automotive parts. The economy is also dependent on health care, education, and local government. It is home to one of Canada’s largest open-air markets and is a financial center.

The three most affordable Oakville neighbourhoods, Crown Point and Homeside are priced between $365,615 and $375,029. The most expensive neighbourhoods in the region, Ancaster Heights and Sulphur Springs, range between $1,017.450 and $1,043,689. The best liveability factors in Oakville are proximity to independent retailers, gyms, and bars, as well as the proximity of restaurants and bars. Oakville’s quality of life is expected to improve over three to five years. Oakville’s development has increased, and Oakville’s strong restaurant culture makes it more appealing to those who want a neighborhood with greater density but still have affordable living costs and easy access to green spaces.

Our Reviews

Here are some of the encouraging words from our past customers about our auto glass service.

Rafy, the shop owner, was terrific, friendly, and very professional. He made the booking process so seamlessly. They sent a very courteous, knowledgeable, and proficient installer to my home on the same day. I would highly recommend this shop to everyone that needs an auto glass repair service.
Jose Aldour★★★★★

I had the pleasure of finding a really nice local auto glass shop when I desperately needed to fix my car passenger glass. Over the phone, they were able to give me the best price on the glass and the replacement job. All done on the same day too. Thank you, and I wish you all the best.
Simon Crowd★★★★★

I’m here to expressing my sincere gratitude to Rafy for everything he did for me today. I don’t know if I could find better help. He was genuinely friendly, caring, and also help me save $100 to repair the window glass of my car. Thank you Rafy, and keep doing the good work.
May Kuhora★★★★★

In the last 10+ years of the business dealing with auto glass insurance claims, RS Auto Glass has been at the top of our list. They have been a pleasure to work with through my independent auto insurance agency and from my personal experience with their service. Just great experience of them replacing my 2012 Vett windshield. After driving the car home and park, I check out the new glass, and it is as good as new. Great work!
Ron Jovoski★★★★★

Great workmanship. Very quick service and easy to communicate with. One of the best prices around.
Sean Lawrence★★★★★

I was able to book my appointment on Monday morning. They have my windshield installed in an hour or so. The service was friendly and professional. Everything went as expected on the phone call. I definitely recommend this place!
Lesley Bourn★★★★★

Car Brands We Service

We service all vehicle types, including 4-Door Sedans, 2-Door/Coupes, Station Wagons, Convertibles, Sports Cars, Mini-Vans, Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs), Pickup Trucks, and Vans. Below are some of the most popular domestic and import brands that we have work on in the past.


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