windshield DYI repair kit

DIY Windshield Repair Kit & Do It Yourself

Of course, repairing a crack or chip in your windshield should be done immediately, even if the damage is minor. This will prevent it from spreading into larger cracks. Repairs can also be done to preserve the windshield’s structural integrity. The two options for windshield repairs are to purchase a DIY windshield replacement kit and do the job yourself or hire an auto glass specialist like RS Auto Glass. Let’s quickly explore the pros and cons associated with DIY repairs, so you can make an informed decision about how to fix your broken auto glass.

The pros and cons of using a DIY windshield repair kit

1. You save time

DIY kits can be used to save time and avoid driving through busy street traffic to get to an auto glass shop. A DIY repair can be completed in a matter of minutes, provided everything is done correctly, and there are no unexpected problems.

There are cons to DIY auto glass repair kits

1. Expert Equipment is not available to the general public

The DIY kit includes all the tools necessary to repair a windshield. However, RS Auto Glass technicians have a range of professional tools that can be used to repair a windshield more efficiently.

2. Mistakes are often made when determining the extent of the damage

Although you can identify a damaged windshield yourself, an expert technician can distinguish between the different types of auto glass breaks and determine the best repair to make for a permanent fix. An expert can also determine whether a windshield replacement is more cost-effective and efficient than a windshield repair. This is especially important for windshields with multiple cracks or chips that eventually cause more significant damages.

RS Auto Glass is the best choice for your auto glass repair needs. Car owners can count on us to help with windshield replacement and auto glass repairs. Call us today (289) 291-0988 to make an appointment, or click here for a quote online.