Do windshield cracks get worse over time

Do Windshield Cracks Get Worse Over Time?

Unless it’s an emergency situation when your windshield cracks unexpectedly, it is best not to ignore it and just keep driving – even small cracks in your windshield could compromise its structural integrity and your field of vision. A cracked windshield must be addressed quickly to preserve drivers’ safety on the roads.

Windshields comprise two layers of tempered Glass bonded together with flexible plastic. While designed to withstand stress, damage may still occur for various reasons, such as driving too quickly over speed bumps, hard slamming on the door, or hitting rocks or pebbles, which cause impacts that damage windshields.

Weather-related damage is another frequent culprit of car damage. Relying too heavily on defrosters or car heaters during extreme temperatures can alter how your windshield cools or heats, creating small cracks which deepen over time. Furthermore, living in an area prone to hail storms, tornadoes, or hurricanes increases its vulnerability to damage.

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Cracked windshields may also result from sudden temperature shifts, pressure changes, and driving on rough roads. Glass expands when heated up. Still, contracts when chilled down – this expansion and contraction process causes pressure on the windshield and can increase the chance that any cracks spread rapidly.

Be mindful to address any cracks in your windshield as soon as they appear, regardless of their proximity to the edges. The delay could increase their likelihood of growing into larger cracks that could run across your field of vision or pollute your air intake system and lead to engine issues and costly repairs.

Importantly, not all windshield cracks are created equal. Bull’s eye cracks, star cracks, or combination cracks that begin within 2 inches from the edges will likely spread faster than traditional defroster cracks.

Windshields are designed to withstand impact, but even with the highest manufacturing and installation standards, accidents cause cracks or chips in them. Furthermore, improper installation can result in looseness between it and the vehicle frame, which leads to stress fractures in its framework.

When your windshield becomes cracked or chipped due to a defect in the Glass, incorrect installation, or simply aging, it must be professionally replaced as soon as possible. Driving with cracked windshields can be both hazardous and illegal in certain provinces – repair it as soon as possible to avoid fines and ensure road safety for an interim solution without obstructing your view until you can make an appointment to professionally fix it. Clear tape may provide a temporary cover until then.