How Big of a Crack Can Be Repair on a Windshield?

Cracked windshields can be hard to ignore, and even small cracks can grow over time into significant obstructions to your view when driving. A Professional windshield repair shop can often repair this damage without completely replacing your windshield. To know whether repairs are possible, assessing how big and deep a crack goes is essential before calling them for help. This article explains this in more detail, along with what steps drivers can take to delay further damage until a professional can come to repair theirs for themselves.

What are the Different Kinds of Windshield Cracks?

Windshield cracks come in several varieties, each distinguished by its own characteristics. Chips, star cracks, and combination cracks are among the most prevalent varieties, the latter two often caused by impacts caused by rocks or debris creating small divots in windshields; both types can often be repaired quickly using windshield repair kits available at hardware and home improvement stores.

Star cracks occur when the glass has numerous fissures that radiate from an original divot in an elliptical fashion, similar to how chips do. While star cracks can usually be easily repaired with glass filler, they may become more severe over time and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Combination cracks combine chipped and star-cracked features and may be more challenging than either, often requiring professional repair services rather than just filler applications alone.

How Long Can a Crack Be Repaired on a Windshield?

A long windshield crack may be repaired if the damage is limited to the top layer and out of view; length correlates with dusting & dirt accumulation, and therefore longer cracks require replacement more frequently. A professional can typically repair cracks up to 14 inches long using a special resin.

As you await a technician to repair your windshield, try to keep it out of extreme temperatures such as heat or cold, which could cause it to expand and contract, placing more stress on existing cracks and possibly creating even bigger ones.

Water or sprinklers should also be avoided on your windshield as this can seep into cracks and cause moisture leakage. You could try placing clear tape over any visible cracks to keep out the moisture until they can be professionally fixed, as soon as a crack crosses your line of vision and requires repair as soon as possible if possible – We offers windshield repairs quickly and affordably with skilled technicians that will determine whether repairable or replaceable work is necessary and can complete it promptly and at an affordable rate.