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Interesting Factoids About Auto Glass Industry

We are glad to have you back on our blog. We know that car windows and windscreens aren’t something most people think about very often, so we thought it would make sense to share some interesting facts about auto glass. We told you in part one about the history of auto glass as a luxury item. We also covered the most popular types of auto glass, tempered and laminated. This link will give you more information about each type of auto glass. Let’s take a look at some more auto glass facts. You can always reach your RS Auto Glass team if you require a windshield replacement. Continue reading to find out more.

1. The Invention of Windshield Wipers

Without windshield wipers, where would we be? Although these items are a tiny component of the vehicle, they are vital for driving everywhere, where temperatures can change from sunny 35 degrees to freezing fast. Mary Anderson, a pioneer in window cleaning, invented a device to clean the windows of passenger cars from snow, rain and ice in 1903. The first prototype wipers she created were made from rubber and wood attached to a lever the trolley driver could pull to engage. Anderson’s invention was initially questioned by many people who dismissed it as an attempt to distract trolley drivers. These window cleaners were soon standard equipment on streetcars in 1913 and later became commonplace on automobiles. Anderson was not paid a dime for the invention.

2. Auto Glass Is Designed To Protect You

Although windshields might seem like a barrier to keep rain and bugs from getting on your face, auto glass is designed to protect you. In the event of an accident, windshields, doors windows, and rear windows will keep passengers inside their vehicles. Your windshield helps to maintain the structural integrity of your roof, making it less likely that it will collapse on impact.

3. Windshields & Airbags

Your windshield is an important part of your airbag safety system. Your frontal airbags will deploy abruptly in the event of an impact. Your windshield acts as a support mechanism and guides the airbag towards you, protecting you from the steering wheel. The Road transportation, requires that auto glass technicians use strong adhesives to hold the windshield in place during airbag deployment and impact.

4. Windshields are an Insurance Claim

One of the most common claims for auto insurance is to have your windshield replaced. Canada is known for the extreme weather that we experience in the spring, summer, fall and winter. Hail, especially when it is larger than golf balls, is the most common cause of windshield damage. Wind is another cause of auto glass damage.

5. Auto Glass Films Offer UV Protection

An ultraviolet filter can be used to protect your car’s glass from the damaging rays of sunlight. This innovative windshield feature not only protects you and your passengers against the harmful UV rays of the sun, but also protects your car’s interior including your dash and upholstery.

6. Auto Glass Innovations

Researchers continue to create new windshield materials that improve the performance of these critical vehicle components. Innovations in windshield and auto-glass technologies are essential as automobile standards, designs and features continue to evolve. Some innovations in windshields include auto glass that dims automatically, auto glass with high-definition displays that do not interfere with the driver’s vision, windshields that freeze faster and are stronger, as well as windshields that can withstand more impacts. Auto glass of the future will not only improve safety but also be more convenient.

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This will help you to realize just how amazing your auto glass is and how important it is that it be maintained. For all auto glass replacements service, contact us if you have broken auto glass. RS Auto Glass has a team that is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and windshield replacements that will get you back on your way in a safer vehicle. Contact us now!