Sunroof / Mooroof Repair & Replacement Service

We fix all types of sunroof & moonroof glass for car, truck, van or commercial vehicle. You can rely on quality trusted service.

Driving conditions, accident & bad weather can damage your vehicle sunroof or moonroof glass with anything from hail, rocks, and debris. Our certified technicians can help get your glass fixed up and get you back on the road safely and quickly.

✓ Sunroof Glass Repair Service

✓ Sunroof Glass Replacement Service

✓ Moonroof Glass Repair Service

✓ Moonroof Glass Replacement Service

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It May Not Cost You Anything

What is your auto insurance policy coverage? Your sunroof or moonroof glass damage cost may be covered with the right policy. We can help with your insurance repair or replacement claim.

We Will Come To Your Location

For your convenience, RS Auto Glass Auto Sunroof & Moonroof Glass Service will come to your home, office or any location of your car in approx. 30 mins if you are in one of our serving cities.

In-Shop Sunroof/Moonroof Glass Service

If your sunroof or moonroof glass is safe to drive and you prefer to come to the shop, then make sure to book an appointment with us first by phone (289) 291-0988 or fill out one of our Contact/Quote form.

Emergency Sunroof/Moonroof Glass Service

No one can predict when an emergency situation happened. Do you need the sunroof or moonroof glass fixed quickly? Call our emergency sunroof & moonroof repair & replacement service now at (289) 291-0988.

Most Asked Sunroof & Moonroof Glass Service Questions
from our past customers

1.Repair or replace my sunroof glass?
We recommend that any car sunroof glass damage get fixed as soon as you can. If the dings, chips, scratch or cracks damage isn’t obstructing the driver’s vision and smaller than the size of a quarter coin, then repair is usually possible. This could save you or your car insurance company the right amount of money. For yours and the passenger’s safety, any more significant damage on the sunroof or moonroof glass should be replaced.

2.What does the car sunroof glass do to keep me safe?
The car manufacturer designed the auto sunroof glass for a few safety functions besides the obvious one, such as blocking dangerous flying foreign objects or shielding you from the rainwater while you are driving.

  • In case of a rollover accident, your quarter glass will provide the additional crush protection.

Your life could depend on it, so make sure that you are getting your sunroof & moonroof glass replaced correctly with your trusted shop – RS Auto Glass (289) 291-0988.

3.What is an OEM auto glass?
OEM is the abbreviation of the Original Equipment Manufacturer. These glasses met the manufacturer specifications for safety and quality. Why should you use the OEM glass? Because OEM glass will provide the proper fitting for your car. This prevents any leakage of water or air coming in. Especially in case of an accident, the glass will do its safety job to protect you and your loved one. Please refer back to question #2 above for the safety function of the auto glass. Your auto insurance policy will pay for the OEM glass replacement, so ask us about this.

4.How long do you need to replace my sunroof glass?
This depends on your car make/model. Typically, we will get the replacement work done for around 30 mins to 1 hour. Be aware of any technician who claims that they can get it done less than 30 mins or so. Cutting corners while installing your car sunroof glass will result in the glass not properly replaced, and it is unsafe for you to drive.

5.Who do I choose to work on my sunroof or moonroof?
Here are things that you want to look out for but not limited to:

  • A long-standing & high rating auto glass shop that has good number of reviews.
  • They use OEM glass if your insurance policy covered it, or you have the budget for it.
  • They take the right amount of time to work on your glass. Not too quick, not too long.
  • They are trained and certified.
  • They clean up your car before giving it back to you.
  • They provide a warranty on their work.

6.Do you offer a warranty on your sunroof & moonroof service?
Yes, we do. The sunroof or moonroof glass itself will typically come with the manufacturer’s warranty, and we offer a lifetime warranty on our workmanship. If you have any problem with the work that we did, come back to the shop, and we’ll take care of it for you at no charge.

7.Can I wash my car right after leaving your shop?
It is best to wait out for 24 hours due to the fact that the seal and the outer molding need time to set in properly. The high-pressure washing might damage them and create water leakage on your sunroof or moonroof glass.

8.Why does your cost to replace my sunroof is much less than other places?
We are a family-owned auto glass shop. We don’t have to pay franchising fees, lots of brand marketing, and unnecessary management and employee salaries; hence our cost is much lower than the big brand shop. We have been fixing and replacing auto glass since 1993, and we like how things are running at our shop, and we won’t be changing it anytime soon.

9.Do my auto insurance goes up if I used the deductible to replaced my sunroof or moonroof?
The answer is no. The auto insurance rate doesn’t factor in an auto glass replacement claim as far as we know. It should not count as an accidental claim. There are many different insurance companies out there, so to be sure, give your insurance company a quick call to confirm.

10.Do I have to go with the shop that my insurance company recommended?
According to Consumers Council of Canada, the consumer has “The right to choose products and services at competitive prices with an assurance of satisfactory quality.” in this case, the right to choose which shop to repairs your car glass. Some insurance companies have a preferred list of auto glass shops that they would like you to use, but that is entirely up to you.

We Replace & Repair Sunroof & Moonroof For The Following Car Brands

We service all auto sunroof & moonroof of cars, trucks, SUVs, commecial vehicles. Here are some of the most popular domestic & import brands that we worked on.

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