What not to do with a cracked windshield

What Not to Do With a Cracked Windshield

Once your windshield begins to crack, it must be addressed promptly before it spreads and impacts your vision behind the wheel. A cracked windshield could impair driving safety and incur costly auto glass repair costs if left untreated.

If the crack in your windshield doesn’t obstruct your view, driving the vehicle until a local windshield repair shop can repair it may be safe. But if the crack is in your field of vision and growing larger while you drive, professional assistance should be sought immediately. If driving with cracked glass is uncomfortable, consider asking someone else to ride a shotgun or having someone pick you up as an alternative.

Your windshield is essential in keeping your vehicle intact during a rollover accident and serves as the backboard for airbag deployment. A crack in your windshield could compromise this important function, increase the risk of serious injuries or deaths in an accident, and diminish the effectiveness of advanced driver safety features like lane departure warnings, blind spot detection, and automatic cruise control systems.

Windshield damage can come from rocks, debris, and weather changes; therefore, it’s wise to fix it immediately for optimal car performance. Cracked windshields that exceed 12 inches long or are larger than a quarter size require immediate attention as repairs may not be feasible and could require a full replacement.

Failing to promptly address a crack in your windshield can result in further problems, including water leaks and discoloration of the glass itself. Auto glass expands and contracts depending on temperature changes; if exposed to extreme temperatures, its crack may grow exponentially and eventually require replacement.

Some drivers attempt low-fidelity solutions for their cracked windshields, such as applying clear nail polish or super glue directly over the crack. Although this may prevent the further spread of cracking, it is wise to consult a professional to address this problem as soon as possible.

Be wary of driving over speed bumps or potholes until your windshield crack has been repaired, as this could widen and even shatter it altogether. Be mindful when passing over speed bumps.

Once the cracks in your windshield have been repaired, only use a windshield washer once the repairs have taken place. Washing your vehicle with too many soapy suds or using too high of water pressure could cause further spread of cracks in your windshield.